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Whether you are interested in a bedroom remodel or a kitchen transformation, our team is right for the job. We will work with your budget and design ideas in order to provide results that will please you. If you are ready to schedule an appointment for your home remodel, call us today!

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Unlimited Projects is a professional and affordable home remodeling company that aims to provide quality results. We are constantly improving our techniques and remodeling styles so that we can tend to the designs that our clients prefer. Our goal is to enhance and improve the look of your property while meeting and often exceeding your expectations.

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No matter how big or small the remodeling project is, our team in Manassas, VA brings all of the equipment that will be necessary with us. We have the experience and unmatched craftsmanship to complete the job at hand. Whether it is a basement remodel or small painting services, we will ensure that it is done with the maximum amount of quality.

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Our company in Manassas, VA has been in business since 2019; however, we are a team of professionals that have 5 years of experience working in this industry. Our affordable home remodeling team will work with you along with your budget in order to deliver exceptional results. Unlimited Projects is the licensed, insured, and bonded company that you can trust for all of your remodeling projects.

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Unlimited Projects is a remodeling company that focuses on providing professional services for our clients since we first started our business in 2019. Despite the year that we founded our company, we are a team of professionals with 5 years of experience working in the industry in Manassas, VA, along with surrounding locations. Changing the appearance of your property is easier than you thought, with help from professional remodelers like us.


Whether it is your kitchen, bathroom, or another room in your property, our remodeling team can handle the job for you. From modern styles to traditional look, our team can get the appearance just right based on your design ideas.


A sturdy roof is important for all kinds of properties and if you have one that needs to be replaced or repaired, we can help. Our team can help you pick out the roofing style that will suit your home and your standard.


From the interior to the exterior, we can change the appearance of your property with a fresh coat of paint. If you need help matching the shade or finding the right color, we can help. Unlimited Projects is the remodeling company that you can trust to transform your property.

Tile Installation

Installing tiles can be a tough job if you are unsure of what you are doing. They require careful installation and planning in order to ensure that the final look turns out right. We have all of the machinery that is necessary and bring it with us to the job. Our remodelers in Manassas, VA use precise techniques and can guarantee quality.

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